2 new snakes in, now what to pair with

So just got 2 of the 4 snakes in. They look great, and once they settle in and are feeding, im thinking im gonna finally see if i can get a first clutch produced :).

That being said, the devil is in the what haha. The girl is a bamboo/mojave BEL paradox (may have genes hidden as the seller had bought it from Mike Ellis when he was getting out of it, and the pattern on the paradoxing does not match mojave and the color doesnt match bamboo in our opinion, so will see what turns out.

The boy is a desert ghost, my main goal with him is to breed to my jolliff axanthic to try and combat the browning out process with age, will see how that goes, though DG goes great in so many mixes, so im sure it wont be his ownly use.

All of that said, my options for the girl are:

Hypo, OD, super enchi.

Im leaning towards the last one, but i know bamboo clowns are fairly popular, so getting some bamboo het clown holdbacks may not be a bad idea either.

What are you guys thoughts? Pics of snakes that just arrived


I dont think those will produce ajything outstanding for you, and you shpuld send em to me. :rofl:

Beautiful new additios tho. If i were to pair them id start with pairing her to the clown


I would breed her to either the Clown or the Albino, because both look great with Bamboo.

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I would quarantine them for 45-60 days before even having them in my room. Adults are how nasty things like Nido Virus move around.


Fair fact of fairness, unfortunately i do not have the luxury of many rooms as im still small scale and work out of my house. For now i just need to make do with seperate enclosures and much hand washing. I definitely agree with you, that is a good best practice.

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I’m in a one bedroom apartment, but put new arrivals/quarantines in the back corner of the bedroom with my established snakes in the main living room/dining room on the very other end of the apartment, and a HEPA filtered air purifier setup between the two rooms, so there are definitely ways to make it work


I have huskies. 5 of them. The common areas of the house are not safe. They are all rescues, so their behavior with things they are curious about are … well… destructive. I do not actually have a living room for this reason. My snakes are in 2 rooms, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. While the rooms arent full, they are also used to store all of the snake related products. My goal is to eventually convert my basement into a giant snake room, then use the other 2 rooms for outliars. 1 room for quarantine, 1 room for hatchlings and incubation.

For right now however, I have the basement rented out. Once they move out, i plan to have an electrician set up more outlets in the basement and to insulate all the windows and bulkhead.

All of this of course doesnt help in the now, but it is my plan for the future.