20 yr Purchased Beardie w/o Parents Knowing. Advice?

I am not sure what to do…I purchased a Bearded Dragon after already having one Crested Gecko and one Leopard Gecko.
My dad had stomped his foot after the Leopard Gecko and said no more animals.
This is going to be the last reptile I get before moving out. I just wanted more of a companion lizard. One that wants attention and is basically like a dog but a lizard. I found the perfect one on Morph Market and made my purchase.
I told my mom that the lizard would be arriving on Tuesday and that the person gave it to me for free…I completely lied out of fear.

I put the pros and cons together before purchasing the animal and knew that there were twice as many pros than cons. I also have everything to take care of the lizard. I had SEVERAL extra items from my Leopard and Crested Geckos. He will be getting somewhere with a happy home.

My mom wants me to rehome him…yet, I paid a lot of money on him and really want to care for him and can. I never purchase animals without the equipment that I need for them.

What should I do? I don’t want to give the animal up…and I can care for it…but my parents are the ones that do not want the animal, however, they are not the ones paying for it. I am using my own money to take care of my animals. They helped with start up costs and that was it.

They will not even give me the reasons why they do not want me to have the animal. The only thing I get is “When you move out you may have to get an apartment that makes you pay extra per animal.” The thing is…I do not have to buy those apartments.

What do you think?

And you parents are right no matter how old you are their home their rules and going behind their back was a very poor move.

Respects for you parents and your parents house rules as well as honesty should come first and foremost and apparently you have to learn the hard way.


1# Rehome the animal

2# You are 20 so move out and than you can do what you want under your new roof.


Should I start looking for an apartment now so I do not have to rehome the animal? Or should I just plainly rehome the animal?

Only you can answer that question considering the descision process regarding this animal, are you sure that you are prepared for the real life out there having to support yourself and everything that comes with?

That’s a big descision and a big step.

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Another option is to do more work around your house and start paying more bills to show you are responsible and maybe your parents might let you keep it. But if you can’t even do that much then getting your own apartment probably won’t go well, so maybe rehoming might be your only real option. You can sell it for around as much as you paid for it.

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This may sound harsh, but Buying an animal behind your parents back was extremely irresponsible to the animal and disrespectful to your parents. You are old enough that you should know better. Rehome the animal immediately, even if you lose money on it, and chalk it up to lesson learned.

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Yes, that did sound harsh. However, I completely understand why you said that. You were also speaking the truth and how you feel and that is what I was asking for. :slight_smile:


I am able to do all of that. Moving out is more of if I wish to at the moment. I will probably do what you said and show more responsibility. If it turns out that I am unable to do this, I will rehome him. I do not wish for the animal to suffer because of my immature and careless actions.

Very unwise even though you are a adult. If you still want to see the animal from time to time you could have a friend keep it for you but I think that the choice you made was a impulse decision and not well thought out. Definitely dont do that again because it’s only going to suck for the animal and only the animal will have to deal with the consequences of a irresponsible owner. This isn’t to make you feel bad just to make you realize that it wasnt a wise choice

I feel terrible for what I did. I felt like I was prepared, but after several responses to this, I realized I made a mistake and it actually was an impulse buy.
I am never doing this again for the sake of the animal.

When you rehome it dont just give it to just anyone because you dont know if they themselves can provide for it either. Make sure they have other animals as well if you do decide to rehome it. Or have a buddy keep it for you until you have your own place

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I really like the idea of you owning up to your parents. Nothing wrong with looking your family in the eyes and telling them you messed up. Maybe explaining what you did, why you did, how its impacting you, them and the animal, and offering some sort of effort on your part to learn and grow from the experience might be beneficial to all involved. Maybe offering to pay a portion of the elecric bill for your reptiles until you move, and offering a thought out planned exit strategy might, might convince them to let you keep it. You never know. Honesty, humility might get you farther than bs. If not, you have to find a new home for it or you. Good luck with the fam, the pets, and your next step.