2017 Pokigron Surinam Pair

During cleaning today I snapped a few shots of my 2017 F3 Rio Bravo Pokigron pair. These are True Red-Tails (BCC). This line stays much smaller than most other BCC.


Beautiful is a word that is lacking in describing how these animal look.


Thanks! I hope to get a litter from them in 2022.


Excellent animals man!

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My 2017’s look SO TINY compared to yours! :tired_face:


I think they are actually about the same size. The table mine are photographed on is smaller than it looks. Yours are really nice! What line are they from?

The male was imported with his clutch mates from South America where he was farmed. The female was CB but that’s all I know. Thank you!!!

What do yours eat and how often?

They are currently on small rats twice a month, but I’m thinking of going up to medium rats.

Oh okay…mine are medium rats every 3 weeks

Any idea how much yours weigh?