22 Clutch #3 and a YB ID

Here is clutch #3. Only 3 eggs but all hatched fine. The pairing was 0.1 Leopard Pastel YB het Clown X 1.0 Black Pastel het Clown. Didn’t hit any visuals but these are still good looking babies. I am not sure if both of the Pastel Leopards are also YB. One I am fairly confident that it is. The other, I am on the fence. So take a look and let me know your thoughts on the second one. Thanks,

Clutch Pic

0.1 Black Pastel YB

0.0.1 Leopard YB Pastel

1.0 Leopard Pastel poss YB?


Imo no yb in either of the 2nd or 3rd… idk about the first because there are no belly pics.

Leopard really wipes out the typical YB checkering and Pastel also messes with it. That’s what makes this combo difficult to ID. The first pic is a belly pic of the Black Pastel YB and you can clearly see the coloration and checkering.

Since the sire of this clutch was just Black Pastel, it proves the Dame is carrying the YB. She is a Leopard Pastel YB het Clown and was produced by a very reputable and competent breeder. I’ve included a pic of her belly too. As you can see, it is, much like the hatchlings, not checkered extensively the way you’d expect a YB belly to look.

Black Pastel YB belly pic

Belly pic of the Dame (YB Leo Pastel het Clown)

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I do see a lot of orange flames in the first leopard, and the head stamp is even crazier then the second. The problem is especially with pastel, the leopard is so variable, makes it difficult for me to tell for sure. Bellies of just pastel ybs can be pretty clear usually so that’s not always a great help. I would keep it and try to prove yb out, if it’s not a holdback unless someone positively ids the first leopard as yb I would mark it as probable yb. Unfortunately you can’t really price it higher if it is just a “probable” yb. Very beautiful python!