3 Morph IDs Needed! (Corn Snakes)

Hey there, first post here!
Basically a few months back someone surrendered two corns to me, and I have a strong suspicion they were sold as a pair (and potentially have compatible hets). However, I was given what morph they were and I’m not sure if it’s accurate. There is also a third corn that was surrendered to me a bit later by a friend, but they are taking forever to find her information. I’ll give some info on each of them under their pics!

This is Tequila, a female 2016 corn. She is very overweight (her hips certainly don’t lie), and currently brumating. When I got her, the dude told me she was a Sunkissed. She last weighed in at 816 grams.

This is Kahlua, a male 2016 corn (and an asshole). I was told he was a Striped, but I have my suspicions he may be a caramel striped (or maybe even motley as well) because he has a green-ish hue. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t really capture it! He is a bad eater and currently 331 grams.

And lastly, this is Irva, a 2019 (I believe) 285 gram female. I was told she was an amel Tessera. One really interesting thing about her is that her sides have a pale fluorescent green section on them.

I appreciate all the input I get as I definitely want to have a better idea of their genetics before pairing them up (the two 2016s). Since most corn snake photos are juvenile, and the ontogenetic color change can make them look very different from the adults!

(If the photos are a bit crunchy I can post links to the full-sized file!)


Let’s call the corn genie and see if they appear!




Thank you!! Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers: :blush:

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Welcome to the community also. You’ve got some lovely corns.

Feel free to create a #introductions post and say :wave: :blush:


Nice pickups!

Number one is not a sunkissed, but does look to be a hypo. Number 2 doesn’t look Caramel to me at all, but some pictures in natural light, like on a cloudy day, could be better for showing his true color. In these pictures, he is way too red to be a caramel. He looks like a normal motley to me. Number three is not a tessera, but an amel with a bit of aberrant patterning. The fluorescent markings would probably qualify her as a halo amel.

Welcome to the forum!


Thank you so much for the IDs! I’m really curious to see if the two 2016s were sold as a compatible het pair. If everything goes to plan I will definitely post their clutch! (Otherwise I’ll just have some lovely het babies)

I can grab some more photos in natural night of the 2nd one, because they are brumating I should be able to snap some photos during their weekly weigh-in!

I remember when my friend got the 3rd one, but I wasn’t in the hobby yet, so the genetics just sounded like gibberish to be at the time! :disappointed_relieved: I don’t know much about the halo gene, so off to do some research! :muscle:

I concur with solarserpents on all three. The concurrence on Number two includes…

…that this guy might be het caramel. It’s very hard to tell in these pics, and yes to natural light being helpful, but it’s often the case that animals who are het caramel have a more golden undertone than those who don’t carry the het.


That’s a good point. Het caramel animals are almost always identifiable.


That’s super interesting! I’m honestly so much more familiar with hognose and (simple) ball python genetics, so the concept of “visual hets” confused me so much when I first saw it! I will snap some daylight photos of at least the number 1 and 2 asap! Thank you so so much for all of your help! :sparkling_heart:


Day light pics of number 2! As best as I could get, it’s not very bright out :cold_sweat:

And one of number 1 since I was already bothering them in brumation.


He’s interesting looking. I still think he’s a bit too red to be homozygous caramel, especially because motley often has a hypo-like effect. Het caramel is definitely a possibility though.


Based on those pics, I’m going to lean into het caramel. Like @solarserpents, I see too many reddish tones to think he’s homozygous caramel. On the other hand, some of his golden-browns look more golden-brown than they otherwise might. I would be more surprised if he isn’t het caramel than if he is.

Your hypo still looks hypo. Also, she looks adorably shy. :grin:


That’s really interesting! I appreciate the insight, especially since I’m new to corns. :blush: :sparkling_heart:

It’s honestly so strange trying to ID morphs when there are visual queues to hets! Like when we first got them, I was thinking they were definitely sold as a pair, and when I started my research into corn genetics I was so confused at how almost every trait was recessive? When we pair them this March and hopefully get a healthy clutch, I will absolutely post the results of it! That way if they carry anything else I will be able to prove out any matching hets they have!

She definitely does in that photo! :pleading_face: Interestingly, when she’s in her normal enclosure she’s always up in everyone else’s business! And the motley is just a straight up jerk who still musks… :man_facepalming:

Gotta love those different personalities.