3rd clutch has shed and driving me nuts IDing

pairing was a leopard female x blade clown male.

hopefully weather cooperates tomorrow to get some photos in natural light. So far the only one I am 90%ish confident, fourth photo, is a leopard blade.

open to any suggestions to help ID.

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These aren’t the best pictures so I’ll have another go when you get them out in the sun light.

These are my guesses.

  1. Blade het Clown(really need to see that tail)

  2. Normal het clown (though again the tail end will help)

  3. Normal het clown

  4. Leopard Blade het Clown

  5. Leopard het Clown

  6. Normal het Clown

Also, either the het clown is showing through a lot or the Blade Clown parent is Pastel aswel :face_with_monocle:
I see a lot of wobbliness even in what I believe is normals.

Male was sold as just a blade, I don’t see pastel in him. Unfortunately, the breeder I got him from has gone MIA since covid.

So it’s not just me, lol.

honestly wish we could post video, easier to cover up my abysmal photography skills. Will definitely get better one up tomorrow. Dog woke me up to go out noticed red stripe clutch was starting to shed and figured it’s 0dark30 why not photograph.


There is no Pastel in these, they are just high-gold. I have heard some people say Blade will do that, I have also heard some people say het Clown will contribute to that


ok, going to try again.

hatchling 1:

hatchling 2:

hatchling 3:

hatchling 4:

hatchling 5:

hatchling 6:

@eaglereptiles is the second round better?


Much much better :+1: absolutely lovely clutch.

  1. Het Clown

  2. I really can’t make my mind up on this guy…

    This tiny section of the tail whispers Blade but not enough that I would be happy labeling it as that for sale. There is a lot of wobbliness in the pattern, but going of what Travis said I would go with that being the het influence.

  3. No question on this one. Leopard Blade het Clown all day.
    That melted side pattern is Blade, the stretched black spots in the alien heads is the Leopard.

    This is a perfect example of the the “Scream” mask that I use to identify leopards.

  4. Het Clown. Maybe leopard… :man_shrugging:

  5. Leopard het Clown. Solid blacks, nice big ‘V’ on the head.

  6. Leopard Blade het Clown. Wobbly, solid blacks, stretched spots.

These are all just guesses and if someone more experienced comes along and says different I would take their opinion over mine :blush:

These dots on the dorsal near the tail is amazing.