4 similar siblings - help with identification

paring was Super Pastel Spider Pinstripe to: not entirely sure what, bought as: Super Orange Dream Pastel Yellow Belly Vanilla, not sure if all genes are there.

Please help me identify and especially if there is Yellow Belly, I still have troubles with recognizing YB for 100% (I’ve tried to catch on photos top, head, belly and sides):






first 2 look to have yb
so just a guess here but this is what i think.
1& 2 super pastel od yb
3 & 4 super pastel od


I would agree with @wreckroomsnakes with everything except the super pastel. #2 is the only one that looks super pastel to me. #4 could also be but hard to tell without full head shot. #1&#3 look to be just pastel.

#1 pastel yb
#2 super pastel yb
#3 pastel OD
#4 super pastel
That’s my guesses