55 gal fish tank enclosure

I’m digging the paludarium idea would that work for a pixie? I wanna make it bioactive as well. I plan to get a young animal no matter what so down the road he can get a new enclosure and put something new in this one.

Well I personally love if I could have more animals in one enclosure rather than one show peice so if you still want a paludarium but with something more colorful than a pixie than I highly recommend dart frogs. Some of the enclosures that are possible look insane and look like you took a chunk of the rain forest and put it in a tank.

Yes, it would but managing the water quality would be a bit tricky, and once the pixie is bigger it might destroy your setup since I am pretty sure they like to dig. That and a 5 pound frog will squish things. The equipment can be a bit pricey and if you are going bioactive that is also going to up the cost. If you do set one up, make sure to cycle it for around a month and make sure the water quality is good. I also recommend one of those mini waterfalls to keep the water moving so it doesn’t build up much bacteria. If you can afford it you could also do a setup with dart frogs instead and maybe see about breeding some bugs that can live with them so you don’t have to worry about them not finding food. Just remember dart frogs are tiny so they need tiny food.

Just thought I’d add to the dart frog idea just because there are so many ways to design it.

The main problem with the dart frog idea is that all of the enclosures are at least half the size of a 55 gallon. If not smaller than that. They are very tiny frogs so smaller enclosures make it easier to care for them and make sure they are alright. Since this would be his first paludarium it might be difficult to get right on this scale.

Didnt realize pixies got that huge what about budgetts frogs been watching videos of them and love there derpyness.

I love the dart frog idea but I’m saving that idea for a tank I plan to build in the wall connecting my snake room to the man cave

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If you want basically a mini version of a pixie but have more color, you could get a pacman frog instead. They are pretty cheap and have a few morphs to choose from. You could also look at other tree frogs. I know you can keep dart frogs together but I am unsure about other larger tree frogs.

I know it’s not reptile related but I know a pair or trio of Halloween crabs can fit comfortably in there. They are very active and like a little bit of climbing space. Another cool animal that not many have would be a mud skipper and since they spend their time on both land and water you could make a paludarium for that.

Hi you could do some Fire Belly toads

Once you scrape the glass with a razor blade, you can spray vinager on the hard water stains (white stuff) to help get it off.