8 Ball returning inconsistent search definitions?

Browsing another thread I noticed some refer to a super cinny pied as an 8 ball pied. I’ve always known an 8 ball to be a cinny x black pastel. When searching 8 ball on mm, it comes up with black pastel. So I think some needs to be fixed and just for my general knowledge what are we calling an 8 ball now?

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I was under the impression that 8ball could be from different combos like a BEL.

But im new to all this

Eight ball is cinny black pastel


I’ve noticed when searching 8 ball on mm, it looks for “8” in the text AND black pastel… I think its just a weird bug


Definitely blk pastel cinny
Here are 2 I hatched couple seasons ago. Wish I kept 1 of them.


There are two things going on here:

  1. What 8-ball should translate into. It should be black pastel x cinny (that’s how it’s defined in our DB). When I use MM that’s what I see also – ie it is working for me correctly right now. It sounds like somehow some other people are seeing different results (no cinny). This could be some sort of bug (not related specifically to 8 ball). If so it sounds like a really nasty kind of bug.

  2. There is an unrelated search bug if you type in “8 ball” and don’t select the option in the list. Issue with "8 ball" ball python search


I have noticed inaccurate results for “8 Ball” when selecting from the designated trait combos list as well. Results return only posts that contain “8” in the name. Pictures for reference.

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Same issue I’ve run into.


@samuraiwack thanks for the feedback. But you are describing the bug which I mentioned above as (2). That is a well understood bug and is in another topic linked there.

In this topic, I am worried about a potential different bug which I described in (1).

I know the distinction is a bit confusing.


Thank you for the clarification, I must have read it wrong. Apologies for any additional clutter!


Seems to be working correctly now for me on the mm side and it seems most are in agreement 8 ball is a black pastel x cinny.

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