A bit confused about certain morphs

I’ve been looking at a lot of different morphs on MorphMarket (Always got my eyes on those Lilly whites lol) and i have a few questions about a few morphs. I’m still relatively new to all of this, so be patient with my curious self wanting to know everything.
What defines some of the different morphs? Specifically, Phantom, Axanetic (if that’s spelled right) and Cappuccino. I am curious about what makes one of these geckos this morph, especially the Phantoms and Axanetic.


@ghoulishcresties will give you a wonderful long explanation of the differences between them :upside_down_face:


OMG tough question to answer. I’ll let @ghoulishcresties answer this one :sweat_smile:


You buggers! :joy:

Phantoms, in my description… haha.
It’s now know as a recessive for one.

Phantom is basically all one colour if a ‘patternless’. So the body, dorsal, laterals etc. bicolour also is part of phantom. Tiger phantoms, will also have the markings there (you can see many phantoms on my profile) and same as pinstripes in phantoms, the white pinning will only be at the base of the tail as phantom over takes it, they’re usually one colour but different shades of said colour, and usually end up with a dark line underneath the pinning I’ve found (reverse pin). It’s so blooming hard to explain simply :rofl:

I have many dark phantoms myself, along with tangerine phantoms, the tangerines usually end up with different hues of tangerines it’s quite cool!

Lmr explains it more ‘scientifically’ on his page :smirk: