A Couple of New Creations

BH mojo enchi, gravel or asphelt ?

mystic cinnamon with hint of butter. Probably wrong all the way around but like the idea.

I think the something else is dinker.

Pm sent on the Sapphire

My guess is that the “something else” is Phantom.

Blackhead fire enchi mojave is my guess


@jpate66 Phantom and Mojave make a purple snake. It can’t be something in the BEL complex like Phantom

Blackhead enchi mojave and possibly nova or flame? They are definitely outstanding and looking forward to seeing the recipe also

Seldom used gene…Surge?

Oh wow mike you have some beautiful stuff. We love our guy!

Wow, gorgeous! I’m too new to the hobby to be able to even try guessing what sort of genes would be in those animals haha

I’m curious to see any kind of update on these beauties. I’m also going to throw a guess in there regarding the “something else”. Red gene.

I’m going to second red gene.

Same, or it’s black pastel from the red line.

Hello all, first post on the forums lol. Figured it’d be a good place to start since i purchased one of those beauties from Mike late last year. She is doing great and is very mellow. Here are a few recent pics of her.


I hope it’s Black head Enchi Mojave Redstripe! They’re stunning regardless.

Can I change my answer? Blackhead Enchi Mojave Gene-X. :grimacing:

Any Updates?? What was that other gene?

Im guessing Red + Ringer gene

A couple of examples:

Hmmm it seems it was Huffman… meh :roll_eyes:

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Absolutely stunning animals,supurb :wink: