A few questions for anyone who has bred albino black pastels

I am a very recent owner of an albino black pastel. She is very young and years from breeding. I do hope to breed her a few times. Im very curious about a lot of the info that Morphmarkets gene mixer has given me. So my questions are;
Would you focus on only breeding her with other abp’s to get albinos/abp’s/blizzard balls? Why?
Would you focus on some of the breeds that give equal 13% chance of 8 different morphs? Why?
Would you breed her for het, double het genes in her offspring to breed other morphs? What, why and pics?
Is there anything you would avoid breeding her with? W/w?
I’ve noticed that some abp’s have “pewter” mentioned with them and some dont. Is that something I need to consider as well?
Thank you in advance for any insight

I have produced Albino Black Pastels and have mixed them in my Albino Pied project as well (changed my mind on that too high white of animals for my taste), however one thing I have never done nor will I ever do is go for any super or super combos, many breeders have and no longer do either for the obvious reasons of high percentage of duck billing with Super Black Pastel and Super Black Pastel combos.

Also because it is Black Pastel albinos we are talking about, adding more genes does not really change anything look wise they look best on their own (sharp contrast with the yellow that does not bleed in the white)

So for me producing Albino Black Pastels or other Black Pastel combos is something I like doing just not interested in Supers.


An albino black pewter is an albino black pastel that also has the pastel gene, so a three gene animal.

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The best answer to your question is one only you can answer: What do you like?

You are the one that is going to have to keep and clean and feed and house these babies so if you do not like what you produce then your hobby becomes a chore becomes a drag.

For me personally, I like the contrast in Albinos so I work to enhance that by breeding new combos. I also like Candino so I have that deeply integrated into my project. But my tastes might not be yours

IDK… My Albino Acid BlkPastel YB is pretty crazy. And can you imagine my crazy dark girl in Albino form?? :exploding_head:


Prove it :joy:

But…can you imagine how awesome a black “axanthic” would be as an albino? Since they get darker as they age, you would have a snake that gets more and more white on it as it ages. :exploding_head:

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Not really, I mean… You cannot get whiter than white.

I have not seen enough adult BlkAx to say with any absolute authority but if they are darker overall then my guess is that they would be less likely to develop a yellow tinge as they age. But again, just a guess there

@dorian Is your comment directed at me? And if so, what exactly are you asking me to prove??

Yup, let’s see a pic of the snake. It sounds pretty nice.

No, I mean it will get more white on it as it ages. As in the older it gets the more white it has on its pattern. Since adult black axanthics can be almost solid black in some cases. So you would basically get less and less pattern on your snake and more white as it got older.

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You can see the Albino Acid BlkPastel YB here. Fifth one down (I think), right before the Candinos:

And my dark beast is here:

I get what you are saying but, regular Snows are born pretty much white and the patterning on them is basically about underlying structural elements. As they age they develop a yellow hue to them in their patterned areas.

With what you are saying about the BlkAx, my guess is that that yellowing with age would be less likely to occur so the adult would retain the white on white apperance of the hatchling


I agree on this 100. I was focused on grey matters for a while. I geared a lot of pairings to them one season. I produced one healthy super black pastel. All the others were to disfigured/disformed. Others have had luck with these pairings I have not. I don’t plan on ever trying the black pastel x black pastel pairings again. Me I would go toward candino black pastel. They are a very nice purpleish animal.


Those are a fantastic combination.

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#6 is stunning.

Thanks. That is my Candy Pastel male

I appreciate all of you sharing your thoughts. I need to focus my scattershot, uninformed approach to owning BPs. Experienced insight can only help

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