A few upgrades! (Forum Changelog)

After seeing @westridge ask for a changelog of genetic updates over here i thought it would be nice to keep everyone up to date with changes we are making here on the forum.

So as some may have seen we added the Carousel Images component a few days ago.

You may also have noticed social links on the header bar…

These will take you to MorphMarkets Facebook and Instagram, where we will soon see content from here promoted more often.

You will also see a new footer at the very bottom of your screen with useful quick links to various parts of the MorphMarket universe…

As more things are updated I will add them here.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions on visual changes feel free to drop them here. :blush:

TLDR Changelog:
Dec 2020:

Jan 2021:

  • User card directory.
  • “Website” changed to “MorphMarket Store”.
  • Added social fields.

By the way, it’s a good time for me to share that Thomas has been promoted to Admin-Moderator! I don’t have to explain why. :slight_smile:


A little bug fix.

The header bar should now take desktop users to desktop versions (www.) of the Facebook and Instagram pages rather than the mobile page (m.).

Also added a shopping basket that will take you directly to the MorphMarket Marketplace.
(The icon for this will likely change)



Way to go Thomas, we have wanted to do this for a good while!


Now you will also see a t-shirt on the header that leads to the MorphMarket merchandise store.

Also I would like to know what everyone prefers as a icon for the marketplace?

Shopping cart


Store front

  • Shopping cart
  • Store front

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At the rate he is rising, you might have to worry about him taking your job away from you @john LOL


Last update for today, I swear.

Social media links have been moved to the footer to stop the header becoming overcrowded on mobile.

This also allows us to add Twitter and YouTube links.


A few more upgrades.

  1. user card directory.

The User list has upgraded from the simple list to a detailed “user card style” layout.
This includes social links on each card… See 3) on how to add them.

  1. The “website” field on user profiles has now been changed to “MorphMarket Store”.
    This is to keep your store easily findable.
    Any current non MorphMarket Store URL you have there should be moved to the correct field… (See 3))

  2. Social Fields added.
    You can now add social links to your profile to make it easier for other users to find.
    To do so, head to your “profile preferences” page in your settings…

These will then show up on your user card …

If you have any issues or questions please let me know.