A good beginner incubator for ball pythons, gargoyle geckos, and lechie geckos

Any suggestions on a good incubator for a new breeder and for multiple types of reptiles. Would like enough space to incubate multiple clutches at the same time. I don’t want to have to modify it to work properly. Any expertise would be appreciated.

Edit: Want one company built. Want to heat and cool. Will pay for quality.

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I’m assuming these are all the same temperature. Most people use a modified wine cooler. This is my recommendation since it will have space for lots of eggs. I used a styrofoam incubator (for a few leopard gecko clutches) and for my next clutches I’m going to build a styrofoam cooler with heat tape.


With leachies and gargoyles a lot of breeders incubate at room temp.
That’s what I do with my cresties and will be doing with my gargoyles also.


I use a modded wine cooler for my bp eggs. It looks like a mini fridge but has a window in the door. I got the wine cooler for $50 off of Craigslist, got some heat tape off of Amazon for some $25, I got a dedicated cord for the heat tape but you can use a dollar store extension cord and wire it to the heat tape. I used aluminum and electrical tape to fasten the heat tape on the back side and bottom of the wine cooler. To run the wires I used a small drill bit in the side and gradually worked my way up to a large bit. Plug it into a thermostat, place the probe in the center, and set your temps. The most expensive part is the thermostat, and you don’t want to cheap out on it either. I got a Herpstat 1 off of Spyder Robotics

If you really want to you could purchase a pre-made incubator but those have a very small capacity and large ones are rather expensive compared to building it yourself


The wine cooler was cheap for a reason, but it worked for my purposes. You can see some paint that somehow got on it


I definitely agree with this! It is a great way to save on buying an incubator!