A Little Suggestion For Keepers With Limited Space

I thought I’d share with y’all a thing I do to keep my reptile collection limited without yearning for more reptiles. This is a useful tip for keepers with a small amount of space or new keepers who want to test the waters a bit before getting a large collection. First, I come up with a few categories of reptiles I’m interested in keeping, such as terrestrial geckos or fossorial snakes. Then I do research for a few weeks on those categories to find which species I’m most interested in obtaining. Then I use those species that I am very interested in based on a bunch of research to create a roster of future reptiles. This way I force myself to be thoughtful about my reptiles and consider the pros and cons before I even think about the possibility of getting them. I additionally limit myself on how many of these roster entries I can add based on the space in a single room. Currently through this process I have landed at 4 hognoses, 1 blue tongue skink, 1 ball python, 1 dumeril’s boa or malagasy ground boa depending on my financial situation at the time, 1 brazilian rainbow boa and 1 leopard gecko. I chose to end here at 9 because of the size of my room, but this may be adjusted based on y’alls’ houses. If anyone finds this helpful I’d love to know, if anyone has any questions you can comment them, and if this helps no one, I’ll still be happy knowing i’ve shared my knowledge.