A month without urinating

I acquired an adult male ball python just about a month ago and I’m a little concerned because he has yet to urinate, pass urates, or defecate. He is eating, had a perfect shed last week, does not appear dehydrated or have a ‘sausage butt’. He’s on paper so there’s only a very slim chance I may have missed it.
I’m not concerned about the lack of poop, though it seems a little unusual there was nothing when he shed, but I’m starting to become concerned at the lack of urination. I haven’t tracked the urate frequency of my others but I don’t think any of them have gone this long without passing any sort of waste. Hopefully now that I’ve made this post he will promptly go and make me apologize for bothering you, but in case he doesn’t, when should I start being concerned and what, if anything, should I do?


You could try soaking him in a lukewarm bath. The movement and water can loosen up their bowels. I hope this helps helped my boa the first time when the reptile/mom and pop shop that I got him from recommended I thought him a hopper witch was a little big.

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The power of ‘ask and you shall find’ works again, when I checked in on him last night he had pooped, peed, and passed a massive pile of urates. It’s all healthy and I’m very relieved. At least other than the fact that he’s in my bedroom for quarentine and it was hands down the most rank waste I’ve ever smelled. Even after cleaning I almost had to go sleep on the couch :joy: