A Tennessee Giant Keeper

Hello there. I wasn’t aware of a forum until tonight and figured I’d linger about to see if there were interesting topics I could learn from. I’m not a breeder, nor do I ever want to really be one, however, I do have maybe 1-2 pairings I’d like to try in order to help fund a walk-in exhibit I want to build for my pet snakes to roam around and exercise in since I finally bought my first house at the very end of 2020 with them heavily in mind while looking.

I’m mostly a keeper of true giants. I have 5 Retics, 1 Green Anaconda, and 1 Hypo IMG boa that I’ve gotten to stop my addiction to the giants lol! Which, honestly, hasn’t stopped much since I do plan on having 3 more giants. I’m not new to keeping giants. As a matter of fact, my very first snake was a wild type Burm! I was always fascinated by the giants and honestly thought they were Wyrms (legless dragons). Move ahead 10+ years and here I am still very passionate about them and making sure I can give them an excellent and adventure-filled life!

I do post my babies on FB a lot if you guys have one and would like to see how much fun I have with them! Past that, stay safe out there and keep the passion for positivity of these animals strong! https://www.facebook.com/Serpent.of.Domination/


Welcome to the community. You’ll find a few giant snake owners on here including myself.
Retics are my passion in the hobby, and I seriously couldn’t imagine not ever owning one.
Good to see another person share the passion I have for these giants.
Yours are gorgeous! Very nice Cow and I believe a Motley Goldenchild? Amazing snakes.


Welcome to the community!!! Golden child my favorite gene in retics!! Yours is super dark!!! Love it amazing snake!!


Girl you and the snakes are gorgeous!!! Wish i had room for giants :sob:


Thank you! She’s a Super GC. Identical to a Motley, but they, unfortunately, have neurological issues, a high mortality rate, and differently shaped heads. People have tried keeping their issues under wraps and attempting to breed their genes into different morphs, but they still end up with a wobble and die off early. Usually within their first 3 years. I’m lucky she’s still living and I want her to thrive by my side for a long while if possible <3


Oh wow, that’s awesome. Like you mentioned with the health issues, I wasn’t sure she was a Super. And I’m happy you know about that, not enough people share that type of information on Retic genetics.


Such cool pics! Thanks for sharing. :heart:

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Hello and welcome! We are in an Facebook group together and I always love your pictures. Glad to see you here too!


:open_mouth: Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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