A wild encounter

Had an interesting experience today. Had one of my snakes out in the yard for some enrichment. I like to get them outside from time to time when the weather is nice. My girl Nika really enjoys it and she is such a sweet girl. Picture of Nika. I know most people that read these topics like pictures.

Well while I was following her through the grass I noticed something out of the corner of my eye moving. Took me a sec to focus on what it was. Well it was another snake coming over to check Nika out. It seemed really curious enough where I had to give it a gentle nose boop to get it to back up some. Not a fan of my reptiles interacting with wild reptiles so I scooped my girl up and took her back in. I did go back out and get some pictures of the mole kingsnake that was being curious of Nika


Interesting! Do mole kingsnakes eat other snakes? Maybe the scent drew him in. Both snakes are very cool!


Not sure what mole kings eat. I was thinking the same thing with the scent. I doubt he was looking at eating her due to the size difference. Nika is 5.5 foot give or take. The mole king was about 17 inches. I think the mole king was more curious than anything.