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Hello friends,

I have a male jigsaw (mojave x pintsripe) and female butter pastel enchi. According to morphmarket calculator i will get these possibilities for the clutch (Gene Calculator - MorphMarket).

My confusion is that each have 3% for the possibilities of their respective Traits. So how will i be able to identify the hatchlings correctly when there are different BEL’s Traits also Stinger’s Traits that look exactly the same?

Also another confusion is here, Stinger Blast Butter Log In - MorphMarket
It seems that one bp from the other looks different but are mentioned that they have same genetics ($250 vs $850)?

Sorry i’m not native english speaker, hope you guys understand. Thankyou.


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Any of the babies that are visual BELs, you won’t be able to tell if they’re pinstripe, enchi or pastel unless you grow them up and breed them.


With the BEL you might be able to see pinstripe or enchi with the help of a blacklight. But pastel isn’t really possible to do that with. Sometimes enchi will also show as a slightly more pronounced yellow streak down the back of the BEL…but that’s more common with ones like super Mojave then the higher white butter Mojave.

This means that if the blacklight doesn’t help, you’ll just have to say they are Mojave/butter, possible pastel, enchi and/or pinstripe.

As for the price difference, the less expensive ones are young hatchlings. The expensive one is an adult and ready to breed.


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