About the Genetics & Species category

How do you get a gene added to MorphMarket?

Is it really missing?
MorphMarket actually knows far more genes than show up on the Gene Index page. To test if MorphMarket knows the gene, trait, or trade name, type it into the search box or into the calculator. After submitting, if it displays that name in a colored bubble, it’s a recognized but there may be none for sale at this time.

After a gene is added
For any animal with that new gene and other previously known genes, you will need to add the gene back by hand. This is because we don’t try to reprocess ads that you have already hand-validated.

MorphMarket does not attempt to recognize every single gene ever discovered due to the very large number and every growing set of these mutations. Our normal policy is to try to represent a gene if there are at least two sellers of the said gene on MorphMarket. Exceptions may be made at our discretion, especially for substantially non-normal/pastel-ish looking appearance.

We reserve the right to change the set of genes recognized by the system at any time. This is a complex issue and one that many parties have vested interests in. We will do our best to create the best system for everyone, but it will be impossible to meet everyone’s desires.

Listing an ad with an unknown gene
You can still list ads even if they have some unknown genes. Users can still discover these ads via other known genes, searches, ‘latest ads’, our newsletters. Just follow the normal process and make sure the gene name is in the title (like usual). In addition, you may add the “Other” gene tag to this animal to indicate it has additional specific gene(s) for which we don’t have a category.

Is our information incorrect?
If you find a error in the way in which our site handles a certain trait/gene or the information about it, please let us know.

To request a gene be added or corrected, please create a topic within this category and fill out the form that appears in the text field