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Hello my name is Brian and recently my two daughters convinced my wife and I to let them get one Banana Firefly Ball Python and a Raptor Leopard Gecko. We were not reptile people before hand. My how things have changed. We have since picked up a Cinnamon male Ball Python and started a reptile variety channel on youtube called RepTLife located at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHPSyyORCF1Te4AubEcXpCw . We also plan to go to NRBE this weekend and pick up some Display cages and snake racks as well as any Super Giant Geckos we find that we like and some female ball pythons. I am a hobbyist at the moment but the reptile bug has hit me hard. I am an IT person by trade and already have some plans for some mobile apps to help those of the hobby out. We reside in Florida.

I am not exactly sure about doing this and what to click. Old person here, Just got my first real snake and madly in love with him. I have never been allowed to keep snake(s) as my husband was terrified of them. this is very strange as there are no venomous snakes where I live. My lovely snake is a King/Corn cross and he is stripy around his body with red and black and kind of a Yellowy/white color. He is very sweet and 5 years old. I named him Zale because he looks like expensive jewelry! I need to find out his lifespan if possible and More about his keeping. I swapped his hot rock for a ceramic heat emitter as I once had iguanas (or my kids did and mom took care of them) and hot rocks were not good for them. I also am using a UVB light and am wondering if I also need a basking light. I also have a male citrus bearded dragon, a male normal red-eared slider, a 150 gal mouse colony, dogs, cats ,chickens, turkeys, one pony, one sheep neutered, one goat and ducks. I tried for 20 years to talk my parents into snakes and had the bad luck to only find husbands that were afraid of them. Very Frustrating Indeed.:grinning:

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I am looking for corn snakes. Only at this date and not before 03/20/22.

Morning. Just getting into Ball pythons and just bought a gorgeous sub-adult male Pied Het Clown. He’s beautiful…

Im from Toronto Canada have never had a reptile of any kind as a pet (only dogs) and thought Id look into something new and interesting. Im hoping to get either a Corn Snake or Uromastyx Geyri as my 1st reptile as Im not interested in Geckos, Boas or Pythons as a pet (although I do appreciate them zoologically for the neat creatures they are). Not sure which one I prefer though between the Corn Snake and the Uromastyx :thinking:.

Have you looked into bearded dragons? They are extremely personable and very much like a cat with scales. They cuddle and seem to enjoy humans as much as we enjoy them. Lots of colors and other morphs too.

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@mama-susan yes I have. Beardies were one of the first I considered but I found I preferred the Uromastyx to the beardie by far. A beardie I saw at an expo 2 or 3 years ago seemed to take a huge interest in me but I had already decided I didnt want one. I find beardies interesting and like them a lot but the Uromastyx gives me an advantage when it comes to feeding as its easier for me to have something that has a diet thats more focused on greens than bugs instead of the other way around. Only thing I dont like about the Uromastyx is the heat it needs as I love cold environments. But the kinda temps Im happiest in arent good for any cold-blooded creature. I know I want an uro but dont know where in the house Id put it as its presence would possibly drive my dog who has free reign of the house and a high prey drive nuts. Plus the temperature I prefer to keep my room at is too cold for a reptile. When I figure out where to safely and enjoyably put the enclosure Ill look into getting an Uro. Just dunno if Ill go U. Geyri or U. Ornata and if Ill go ♂ or ♀. I do like beardies a lot though.

Hi there, I live in Los Angeles and have been enamored by snakes for over 2 decades; after conquering a terrible fear of them, I went in the complete opposite direction! I had a Columbian Red tail for 20 years that became my best friend. Had a few others during that time, but he was the longest living and the best buddy. When he died a few years ago, I was so sad that took a break from owning reptiles, but a few months ago I realized how much I missed them in my life, and suddenly I’m more obsessed than ever! I currently have an MBK named Anu, and a Tarahumara Mtn. King named Hobbes (first time owning kingsnakes). I’m also attending my first Reptile Expo this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.
At my jobs producing festivals, I often was the site “Snake Wrangler”, doing catch and release of the local animals who might get injured by our machines/vehicles, or, especially in the case of Rattlesnakes, instilled fear in our patrons. I loved doing it, even though the park rangers encouraged me to kill them, I’d do nothing of the sort and went out of my way to make sure I was the first on the scene of a snake call so they could be safely relocated.
I feel a bit alone in my passion for snakes, so I decided to check this out and see if I might meet some others that share it. And if anyone is in LA and wants to say hi or meet up sometime, let me know.
Thanks for reading!

Hi i am Nick from the UK just in researching and planning which BP to start a breeding program. I have been away from snakes for around 19 yrs :disappointed: because of work and family life. Now able to restart i have had BP’s before and really loved them as well as a 9ft Burm who was a puppy. Have been through the rough times with BP as one was a life feeder took me around 9-12 months to turn her to frozen. So looking forward to chatting to other BP keepers,lovers and breeders. Many thanks Nick

Hi from wisconsin. My name is Brendon and im a small scale hobby breeder of ball pythons. My dream is to hopefully one day work with reptiles full time. I am a huge fan of the ghost gene,pied gene,and my personal favorite HRA. If you want to know more about me or my animals follow my facebook or instagram!

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