Acid, Confusion, Static Females


This is a call to any breeders that have or personally know of Acid, Confusion, or Static females that have produced a viable clutch. Has anyone produced a Super?


I know josh has done several acid x acid pairings and as of yet not made a super to his knowledge.


I want to nip this in the bud.

I am assuming it was unintended, but the phrasing here makes it sound like you believe that Acid/Confusion/Static females have fertility issues. I want to make it very clear that that is NOT true. I have had numerous Acid females produce multiple healthy clutches

I can confirm Josh has yet to make anything visually distinct from a few limited Acid x Acid pairings. Kobylka has also reported the same from limited Confusion x Confusion pairings


From what I’ve heard through the grapevine, acid/static/confusion seems to be a dominant gene in that there is no visual difference in the super (homozygous) vs. heterozygous version. Perhaps someone can correct me if that is not the case? If it is, presumably there are supers out there, they just have to be bred out, like with leopard and pinstripe.


This is still pure speculation based on the few breedings having not produced anything dramatically different and the, in my opinion mistaken, assumption that because Leopard and Acid/Confusion/Static are visually similar means they probably behave similarly as well

I know Josh has only been able to breed out two of the five or so potential homozygous he made. I have heard nothing about Kobylka. I do not even know if he has publicly mentioned how many potentials he has made