Adding to Pinto Pieds

Anyone seen or hatched OD pinto pieds? Just curious how the OD would effect the color of a pinto. Also i know in general enchi reduces the white in most pieds, would the same apply to pinto pieds? Who is working with Russo, and what are some other things that Russo gene would go well with?

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I’d say that’s a really good question!

2 things are possible outcomes I guess:

a) the Enchi and the Russo end up being a fatal combination, ending in dead/deformed animals.

b) The Enchi will have to give up it’s White-Share eating habits, (as in some Fire Enchi Pieds) and the results are likely to be spectacular.

As for the OD part of the question, and personally: I’d much rather see something like an OD Enchi Pinto Pied, just because the Enchi would be a really great colour-booster/foundation for the OD to properly work it’s magic in this scenario. :wink:

I’ve seen Enchi Russo’s before so they are definitely not a fatal combo

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I know what you mean… I’ve got an Enchi Russo as well. I’m thinking down the road of Enchi Spider Pieds,…