Additional Notification Methods [2546]

Just a question.
I just read about somebody complaining about the notification System going out to email accounts only.
I myself don‘t like that fact because it is quite easy to miss them.
Is there a way to route them to WhatsApp or other messengers?

Our messages go out in two ways:

  1. All messages are available on our site, at
  2. All messages are proxied to email accounts. Users can configure their email on their devices to pop up notifications.

The primary way people use the system is email, and many do not realize these messages are also on our site. Some prefer the latter, but it can also be used as a backup method.

Regarding new notification methods, yes I think this would be nice to have. There could be a more basic functionality, to use those channels to let someone know they have waiting messages, or a more complex one where it supported full conversations.

Here are some possibilities:

  1. As we migrate the marketplace to being more of a [progressive web app] ( (PWA), the site could natively send notifications to users just like any app. This would enhance our on-site messaging system.
  2. My second interest (or maybe first) is to leverage the this site, ie, the MRC’s private messaging system. This can also show device notifications because it is a PWA. There are a number of benefits to this solution, if it is possible, such as the fact that all MM users immediately get a MRC account as well, while some don’t use facebook etc.
  3. Yes FB, whatsapp, etc are all other possibilities. This has been looked into a bit. As mentioned one problem is getting into fragmentation, how many do we have to support to support hem all. Also we have very limited control over what we can do based on their APIs.

Yes it’s something we’re interested in, it’s just a significant project and further down the list.

More help on the messages system is available in the docs.

However, I would gently push back on the reasoning here as to why email messages aren’t good. There are a number of ways that people can improve their use of email, I believe, so that they do not miss messages, which are a lot easier and nearer-term than all of the things I mentioned above.

For example, if someone is one of those people who has an inbox with thousands of messages in it, they might consider changing their habits. And/or, getting a dedicated email account for their reptile sales. All of these can be configured with device notifications as well.

That being said, I realize some people just prefer FB Messenger.

You must be talking about me! :smile::roll_eyes:
I just wanted to check if there is an easy way that I just missed to find on the site.
But thank you for explaining the options we have.
I am going to check the options of my email account now!:+1:t2:

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