Adult female Ghost Ball Python with wobble?

For sure if it can’t find a cool spot and is forced to stay at a temperatures that are to high. If the temps are 85 and 93 I wouldn’t think that would be the problem though. Although I think they should be lowered as well. I would definitely check the temps with another device to.


It was actually working on getting a mouse down when I took the photo, she never sits with her mouth open like that

I go along with the high temperature defiantly, but if its not that I have another possibility:

I have seen a couple of snakes in the past ( Colubrids ) with wobble and/or star gazing.
One had a huge ‘Vapona insect killer’ block in the tank. I could smell it from outside the room.
Some people used to use it for mites in the past. Vapona was banned in the UK and europe a long time ago due to fears it caused cancer and other conditions.
I thought it was the Vapona. Anyway, that’s a bit anecdotal, although I have heard some toxins in products can cause neurological damage in snakes.
Has the snake been exposed to any unusual chemicals (although you wont know about the past )