Adult male weight loss, stopped eating

Makes me feel better about my boy, he’ll be 3 September :sweat_smile:


This collection includes a number of 30+ year old Ball Pythons and many 20+. The oldest BP in the collection is at least 42 years old (imported as an adult in the 70s). I don’t believe that they would be living that long across the board if they were grossly overfed. There have been very few deaths in general. Truly obese animals tend to have a shortened lifespan. I’m able to say this because this collection has been consistently in one keeper’s possession for longer than most of us have been alive.


We are just going to have to disagree because imo the snake you yourself used as an example is overweight imo.

In my view, he is proportionate, firm to the touch, and doesn’t have rolls when he bends. Maybe you could explain what you are seeing that makes you say he is overweight? I’m not trying to be unnecessarily argumentative, I just want to understand your criteria, and I ask with respect.

He doesn’t look lean or muscular at all imo look around his tail and neck no taper. This is my personal opinion a lot of my snakes I consider overweight as well it’s hard to keep them at a perfect weight especially when they start out overfed. I am basing my experiences(with ball pythons) of 5 years feeding weekly and the last 3 years far less frequent feeding schedule. While this isn’t 30 years I’ve noticed a big enough difference in my collection that I have come to realize I kept my own snakes(not just ball pythons) WAY overweight for years. Ball pythons shouldn’t be shaped like blood pythons.
Also imo feeding males every two weeks is over feeding them as well couple that with big prey they CAN get overweight. Also in my opinion

My main point for all of this is we tend to overfed ball pythons and I think that is what cause a lot of them to fast or hit “walls” You will still get snakes that fast here and there but I believe a less frequent feeding schedule will result in this happening WAY less often.

I’ve heard what you have to say, but in the end, I’m going to have to trust my business partner’s decades of. Three years is not long enough to have a real idea as to the long-term health of your animals. I do, however, agree with you that many snakes are overfed, especially heavy-bodied boids.


I feed every 4 to 6 weeks, just the size of their girth

Just gonna post this little guide to BP body condition here.


I am not trying to start anything or say anyone is wrong. IMO (and yes I did overlook my own over weight male), this would by why I would say it is overweight. If it is “healthy” and not being over feed, then there is probably nothing to worry about. Not all snake are equal, just like all other living things are not equal.


I have never really heard 100% that it is just females, tho I do believe it is. So I thought I would throw it out there as an option.

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Fat shaming and blaming not cool. Pictures don’t always tell the whole story, IMO.

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Good point.
I would put in the mix as a thought for discussion and learning for me:-
as a male can be sexualy ready before 1000g, and like older males, if they smell fermions in the snake room, they might indeed fast at 1000 or less or more.
But is that the same trigger as the trigger for the wall in females? Just a thought.
I would be interested in opinions either way.