Advice about breeder/purchase?

I’m in a sticky situation where we’ve paid about 2K for a specific bearded dragon.

The “”“breeder”“” answered every question we had, sent extra pics + videos and everything before we paid. SO we paid, and they shipped her out to us pretty quickly.

After we got her, we noticed some stuff didn’t start lining up. Her demeanor/nature was completely different, she had never been handled seemingly.

She was under-weight , dehydrated, and wont eat anything the “”“breeder”“” told us she ate.

I re-reached out to him to ask if he was sure she’d been consistently eating dubias and greens, and he said yes. She was eating ADULT dubias, and he was feeding her every other day and greens once a week.

Adult dubia’s are bigger than her entire head.

We also learned AFTER the fact that she wasnt actually bred by him. She was imported from a breeder in China.

So we’re in a sticky situation of not really knowing what to do. I’m pretty annoyed that we spent 2K on a dragon that this guy obviously knows nothing about and didn’t take care of properly. But i’m not sure how to approach the issue, or whether its even worth getting into.

Any advice or suggestions would be super super amazing!


If the dragon was purchased through MorphMarket , I would definitely contact the support for the market side. Basically all the info you posted here.

If not … It’s a pretty tough situation. I don’t know how well things would go if you demand a refund and return. And chargebacks generally don’t go well if they have proof of delivery or if you paid through venmo/Cash app or PayPal friends and family


Just curious. How did you find out after the fact about her origin of birth/breeding? And if this poor little beardie was in fact purchased through MM you should have a bit of recourse if nothing else but to warn others about this so called “breeder”. However, once money changes hands and you have received the animal alive, imo, you would be hard pressed to recoup any funds due to the the actual condition of the animal after the fact. It could be argued by said breeder that you kept the animal in less than ideal conditions, resulting in it’s ill health.

I have a feeling that this was not a MM purchase? Unfortunately you were cheated, lied to, and actually stolen from. I am sorry for your financial loss. Maybe your take away from this is that you may be able to advise others to see through this unlawful scamming by such so called breeders/scammers.


I’m definitly considering it; just to at the very least get morph markets advice/suggestions as well. I haven’t brought up my feelings to the supposed breeder, but i’m sorda trying to figure out if im unreasonably irritated or if it seems valid.

We paid through paypal goods + services. SO at least there is recourse there. But If I do end up doing something like that, I want to at least know ive gotten advice from multiple sources.


In one of the questions we’d asked after receiving her, his answer mentioned " Imported from China Best breeder" despite him talking/explaining that the reason she was labeled as ‘import’ was because of his moving situation.

She was purchased through MorphMarket for sure; I think if my take away is to at least spread that this person isn’t honest, then I think thats good work done.

I’m frustrated, but at the end of the day if nothing can be done then its just a lesson learned!

I do however, feel like we would get a decent way considering his care suggestions were so…odd? The adult dubia’s for an 8in dragon , and suggesting an ambient temp of 115f and encouraging/insisting despite us explaining when our ambient is /90f/ the basking surface is a good 140f.


Did this breeder have good reviews on previously purchased bearded dragons that you checked out before the purchase? If this person is selling several different types of animals, then maybe he or she actually breeds some and “imports” others. Have you tried expressing to this person explicitly how you feel that you were misled/lied to? You have every right to demand your money back even if it falls on deaf ears. At least this person will be made to realize that there may be trouble ahead for his or her store. That might spark a response……


Since she was purchased through MorphMarket I would definitely get a hold of support and at least talk about the condition of the animal with photo proof and the correspondence with the breeder on misrepresenting.

Another question I forgot about… How long have you actually had this animal? Because the longer you wait for advice and such, the less likely you will have to get this worked out.


Yes that’s right and @bewitchedfox the longer you wait the more chance that the breeder will say it’s your fault due to bad husbandry……