Advice - Breeding Cinnamon to Champagne Cinnamon

I am looking for some guidance regarding a project I am wanting to attempt.
I have 3 Cinnamon Females that will be ready to breed in 5 months and I am considering breeding them to my Champagne Cinnamon Male.
I would absolutely love to get some Super Cinnamons and of course Grey Matter if the odds are in my favor.
I am however very concerned as in doing my research, so many people are warning against the possibilities of kinking and the occurance of duckbill in the hatchlings. On the other hand I have read of numerous people who hatch them out perfectly fine.
I know there is always a risk, but I want to know how real it is. I haven’t attempted this coupling before, so I want to make sure I am fully informed of what I am letting myself in for.
I appreciate any help.
Thanks All

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I personally would not do it, because you run the risk of producing a severely deformed hatchling, and having to put it down. That is never fun.


I personally wouldn’t try it. I focused on it quite a bit one year and out of 9 old hatched 1 didn’t have linking. Instead of cinny you can use Huffman ,hra, or green pastel. You will still get the pied look. Also cinny champagne will throw ringers by itself. This is a black pastel hypo champagne I hatched.


Another combo they can work towards maybe by selling one of their female cinnamons are sumas. If you add cinnamon to a suma you get a black snake, and sumas have no genetic deformities. Mahogany champagnes also look really good, but I don’t think I have seen a suma champagne yet.


I’ve never seen a suma champagne as well. But from my experiences with champagne clutches which are one of my favorites, I would say it would probably have the same effect. And maybe hatch a worlds first as well!


Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it. Yeah I don’t wanna go through that if I can help it.

Thanks so much. Only problem is, I am in South Africa and the available morphs are very limited, only a few literally can count them on one hand, would have green pastel, Huffman or Hra, I don’t think I have ever seen a Huffman or Green pastel available in SA. My options are a bit limited, so I am going to have to think it through. Really wanted a Grey Matter, but at those odds and at what it puts the affected hatchlings through, I won’t do it.
Thanks so much for the help!

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. I have never seen a Suma for sale in South Africa, so that option is not available to me…damn. I have seen sumas on some sites and they are awesome. I thought about Mahogany, but they are super super scarce, I have only seen one advertised once. And this is why I work in the States and not in South Africa…you guys are very lucky with availablity over there.
Thanks for the help.

Sorry forgot to mention, what an amazing BP that is!!!
My black pastel female still has at least a year to go, but she is het lav albino, so I’m definately going that route.

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@extremeexotics Ok I understand. It really was a tough experience for me. It’s not pleasant culling hatchlings. Grey matter are one of my favorites as well but I won’t try again. Also fire vanilla and the genes in that complex seem to increase the chances of ringers. I’ve seen plenty of people hatch them out and have been told by numerous people lower incubation temps is the key. But I don’t want to experience the time I had that year again. Also mahogany is what you use to make a suma. Suma is super mahogany!

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Yeah, I won’t attempt it. I will use one of the other males in my collection, or maybe try and get hold of a mahogany to make sumas later along the line. Thanks so much for the advice and help, I really appreciate it. If I can help it, I don’t ever want to cull hatchlings, so this project is one I am not going to attempt.

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I thought it would be pertinent to mention that there’s a great discussion regarding culling


Thanks, yeah I have read the threads so far. I will rather try to avoid having to have to go through it.

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No one wants to have to do it, but if you’re going to breed it’s something to get comfortable with.

Yeah, I know, and I’m okay with it. Just don’t wanna increase the risk of having birth defects by increasing the odds of specific pairings. Also, I work in the States, so I have helpers who care for my collection when I’m not home, so if I attempt a breeding that has an increased chance of defects, I would prefer to be home to handle it.