Advice for a rescue

So, I just picked up this guy from a friend’s friend and… he’s not in the best condition. I knew he had issues with stuck shed around his eyes, which I was ready for. But as it turns out, he’s got it on his toes too, and the tip of his tail looks like it may need to be dropped, cause that’s not good looking at all. Any advice on what all I can do for him besides giving him warm soaks and q-tip pets for the skin?


Here’s a better pic of the tail

Try soaking him and gently rubbing the shed off with q-tips and give him a humid hide with some rough things to rub against. Do you need us to look over your enclosure to make sure it is suitable? You should also get a fecal test done from an exotics vet. Also keep him quarantined away from all of your other reptiles. Wash your hands and equipment well after using them around him to prevent spread of any underlying diseases.


No-go on the setup check, I have one leo already that’s thriving. This lil guy was just kept like garbage by the people I just got him from. He was a “cool pet for the dormroom” buy and was never properly cared for. I’m honestly surprised he’s as alright as he is.


I recommend a trip to the herp vet asap to get that tail checked out, and get an overall wellness check. @mblaney could be of assistance on what is happening, but my guess is necrosis.

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That’s what I thought too, it’s not looking fantastic. He doesn’t seem too bad overall, aside from all the issues from bad sheds. He’s very active, his good eye is bright and he’s extremely alert. He’s got good weight too.

I think it would be almost better to wait a few days before a vet trip. If he isn’t doing very good then a vet trip could just cause worse problems. I think he needs a vet trip very soon but too soon and I think it could just cause more problems. Also with the current situation I think it would be difficult to even get an exotic vet visit soon.

Edit: After hearing more opinions I now think you should try to get a vet visit in as soon as you can. If the first one’s booked (which it seems a lot have been unfortunately) then go to the next best. Just make sure that the vet’s an exotics vet.


I would not wait more than 1-2 days, as the situation with the eyes is actually critical. I agree that this gecko needs to see an exotics vet.