Advice on keeping other exotics in same room as snakes

I have a temp controlled room in my house that I keep all of my reptiles and inverts in from many snake species to tortoises, loads of lizard species and loads of tarantulas, scorpions etc. I’m doing a complete rebuild and was thinking of putting a tall enclosure in one corner for my sugar gliders who currently live in my living room and I’m thinking of getting some pygmy hedgehogs but I’m concerned the smell from the gliders in particular might trigger some of my snakes especially the boa’s. That said gliders smell absolutely nothing like rats and even my dog has been in the room with me a few times and none of the snakes cared about the smell so :man_shrugging:
Would appreciate any advice as the temp and space would be ideal for my gliders but I don’t want to stress any of my snakes. Has to be a happy chill room for all of them and me. TIA

I wouldn’t recommend it. Especially since the room’s heated it might not be a good idea. Because if I recall correctly sugar gliders shouldn’t be heated (I think hedgehogs should). I think it would make boas and other food-motivated snakes agitated.
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Not sure it would stress them, might make them think that food is always available… But from my understanding, boas think that way anyways so might not be any different LOL

My main concern would actually be the flip of yours - that the constant smell of snakes would unduly stress the gliders


We have 8 hedgehogs in one of our rooms, well across the room from the snakes and lizards. They don’t seem to care about each other.

Quick question I’m planning on getting a ball python and putting it in me room with guinea pigs will it be fine

Thanks for your reply. Actually sugar gliders prefer it really warm ideally between 28-31C as they come from warmer parts of Australia so the temp of my pet room is another big factor in my considering to move them in. I’m based in Ireland and keeping our living room at 25C all winter could get costly but my gliders are amazing so I’m just trying to figure out the best thing for them

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This is what I was hoping to hear regarding having hedgehogs in the same room happily, is it a huge room? Thanks

This is so true of 1 of mine in particular who honestly will be trying to get at me 20 minutes after eating a jumbo rat and when I actually take him out he’s puppy tame just that food response is strong

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I would say try it. If it works then great, if not then oh well. Let us know what happens.


they are probably 20 feet apart