Advice on Starting An Expo?

Update, our first show is coming up this Saturday and I’m super excited! We surprisingly didn’t get many vendors with animals so it’s leaning more heavily into the “metaphysical” side of the show.

It was unexpected for me but I’m happy to have a decent turnout of vendors either way, not many people are gonna be buying animals anyways so I think it should work out just fine.

If all goes well we will have another show in March and start looking at a second venue.

I’ll let y’all know how the show goes! Hopefully will have a video to post up to our YouTube channel too.


That’s great news! Congratulations, that’s quite a big feat to accomplish!


That’s super cool! I’d love to start an expo someday, probably when I’m older (Not sure how many people are going to take an almost 20 year old seriously lol) but I loved it when I got to go just to shop around, and my next step is to be a vendor hopefully this fall.


Keep your aspirations high! I do hope you achieve them! Best wishes to you! :blush:


The show went amazingly! We had a lot of good feedback from several of our vendors and the overall atmosphere was really positive with everyone.
There were some minor hiccups but overall everything went well and I can say we did turn a small profit!

I slept like a rock as soon as I got home and am still kind of tired, but for our first show I’m really proud of what we managed to accomplish. :heart:

Hoping the next show goes even better!


Hey, I’m just barely 25 years old myself and managed it, I’m sure you can too!


I’m so happy for you, and you should be very proud of yourself! You have a bright future ahead!


That’s excellent news! Congratulations on the profit too! :star_struck:


Yeah! Nothing wrong with being young, just means we have new ideas lol.
Only real issue with me trying to start an expo is that I’m not far from Nashville, and there’s already a TON of exotics expos in that area. Definitely wouldn’t mind doing one in a closer town though, because I do not want to drive on interstates (Or really at all, but that’s a different can of worms :joy:)


@gina5678 @caron

Thank you so much!! :purple_heart:

@indiflare Oh gosh yeah I totally get that, I’ve been to at least one of the shows in Nashville and driving on the interstate wasn’t fun at all :joy::sweat_smile:
Small towns also work, as long as they have a good venue that is suitable for a show.

Meanwhile, I put up a waitlist for vendors wanting info for the next show (we’re already looking at a second location too as well as doing another show at the same location) and we already have 14-15 people!


Well, this show is solo-owned by me now.

Long story short my ex-cohost and I had a falling out over my attempt to discuss ownership of the LLC I created for the show, mainly because they expected 50/50 ownership/profits when I was doing 90% of the monetary investing and most of the more difficult tasks of managing the website, record keeping, and contacting venues.

I won’t go into any further detail than that, but our next shows will be:

Madisonville, KY - Saturday, March 30th
Huntingburg, IN - Sunday, May 12th (Mother’s Day, yay!)


How are you liking the experience of running a show?


It’s definitely a lot of work and a little stressful, but despite the hurdles I’m finding it very rewarding!

Seeing everything come together, improving the setup as I go along, most people I’ve spoke to have been happy and even impressed so far.

I’m just hoping it continues to get better from here — I’m not giving up no matter what.