ALERT: Florida - Feb 25, 2021

The FWC Commissioners voted to pass the ban on 2/25/21. We will post more details soon.

Read a summary of the new rules at

FWC has posted the agenda for the next Commission meeting on February 25-26. This will be another virtual meeting. The listing of 16 species of non-native reptiles (tegus, green iguanas, current Conditional reptile species including reticulated pythons and others) as Prohibited Species is first on the agenda (after the usual formalities) for Thursday, February 25.

Herpetoculturists can oppose the ban during the comment period following Staff’s presentation. We need LOTS of herpetoculturists to be on the line. This goes beyond the 16 species to be banned. We need a strong showing or we will likely be facing broad bans affecting many more keepers and breeders.

Stand up now! USARK FL will be posting updates and details on its Facebook page and website: USARK FL and

FWC has posted its draft rules, presentation, and summary memo on the agenda.
See the #5 on the agenda for draft rules at February 2021 Commission Meeting | FWC.