ALERT: Manning, Iowa - Oct 23, 2021

The city of Manning, Iowa will be reviewing its animal ordinance. This will likely involve discussion on all non-domesticated animals so anyone with species other than dogs and cats should be aware and engaged. The City already has an overreaching pet limit of three animals combined for dogs and cats, so even traditional pets may be in the conversation.

At this time, local citizens should contact their council member and mayor to let them know that you want to be involved with any new ordinance and be alerted to any updates. There is not a proposal yet so this is the best time to get involved to prevent bans. Local residents should also form a group of stakeholders willing to remain engaged throughout the process.

Remember that the Council and Mayor are there to work for you so make yourself part of the conversation rather than letting others decide what happens to you. Remember to be civil and professional at all times! Acting otherwise only hurts our cause.

Article snippet: “One of the bigger topics is discussion tied to rules on pets stemming from an investigation into a home on 10th Street in which the owners are breeding pythons for sale online. The current ordinance allows homeowners to have a combined three dogs and cats.

City officials are reviewing how to manage situations with more-exotic animals. “There’s going to have to be a lot of thought put into this,” Councilman Ryan Doyel said.”

Email list:,,,,,

City Hall phone: (712)-655-2176

City government page: Council & Boards - Manning IA

article link: Manning reviewing tax abatement, parking, animal ordinance