"All" Filter doesn't show subcategories [1904] [BUG]

I just noticed that the subcategories on the marketplace don’t show up when “All” is selected. It works for “For Sale” and “Sold”, but not for “All”. For some reason it shows that all of the subcategories are empty. It does this on other “Other ____” categories.


The same across the board!.. here’s boas: Boa Constrictors for Sale by Gene - MorphMarket USA

Nice catch!!! I’ll make a ticket for this in the morning :blush:

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@john I was sure I had seen a ticket mentioning something like this… can you recall one, before I create a new one?

No I don’t think we have an issue.

  1. Please convert this to public bug report
  2. Create a ticket with label:index and bug.