Also new from WA State!

Hello Everyone!
New to the site here. I actually discovered it last week and purchased a baby Ivory Ball Python for the first time on here. Great experience! Received the little guy today! Currently now have the baby ball and an 8 year old Citrus Beardie that I’ve have from a hatchling. I’ve previously owned a ball, couple corns, and a red tail boa.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say HI!


Hello and welcome aboard. Nice looking Ivory-super yellow belly - super goblin! I’m relatively new here to. Found morph market in January. Beginning of the year I had zero snakes. Now I have 8 ball pythons and 3 hognose and a new freezer with a few hundred dollars worth of frozen rodents and yah that rack I ordered should be here soon. Be careful its like buying a Jeep Wrangler!


Sorry, 5 bp’s not 8. My bad. Wonder if anyone will get the Jeep reference?

@dfc112 I know, this is a dangerous hobby. Once you get one, you can’t stop! lol.

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Welcome glad to have you. I have a tiny collection myself 14 animals. Not including any babies from this season. I have 14 of those lol. Hope you enjoy your stay, and the hobby. 10 years strong for me wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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