An old man is talking

You Simpson’s fans may relate. Any way, I was in the pet store buying rodents and the owner asked me to talk to some kids looking at buying snakes. One of the things that came up was the wealth of info available on the net and I recommended this site, we will see if they join. One of them asked " one of their parents asked, what did you do to get info before the internet?". The answer was trial and error, word of mouth from others about their trial and error and books. one in particular was the holy grail, “the completely Illustrated Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibians for the Terrarium” I remember the book cost over $150 back then and I had to save up to get a copy. Now you can find it for $20. I used to think that there was so much info in that book and I read it just for fun, even looking up species I did not keep. The book was big and heavy with a weak binding and it would fall apart if you were at all rough with it. I still have a copy and now when I look at it I am surprised at how little info is really in there by today’s standard. but if you want to know what we did for info 30-35 years ago check it out. It will make you appreciate sites like this even more!Atlas


I loved this book in my youger days and would love if some more recent up to date books would be released.