Angry bearded dragon how to handle

I’ve had this BD for two weeks now and still shows sign of fear when I pick her up keep hearing not to force it by picking her up. But how long to I keep trying?? Eats great temps are good averything good but her attitude.


Two weeks is really not that long, it takes time to build trust.


It can take months with certain animals to build trust. Especially if you didn’t let them settle in for 2 weeks and forced handling. With beardies it should be 2 weeks (a full month would be better) for them to settle in without handling. Build trust through feeding and them just watching you throughout the day. Never force handling. She probably thinks you mean her harm and want to eat her.


I’ve never owned a herp yet (hoping to get my 1st herp–an uromastyx when I can) but over the course of looking into herps I heard that a good way to bond after they settle in fairly well and is used to observing you outside the enclosure/are used to you being the food supplier is to offer a lil food by hand. Don’t approach from above though as that will stress it out (they get targeted by preds from above sometimes) so let the lizard see your slow approach. Just rest your hand with the food on it in the enclosure and let the lizard come to you if it wishes to. The key is time, patience and to show you may look like godzilla but aren’t hostile or a threat. I agree with what @lumpy and @ashleyraeanne have said to start.