Another Kingsnake Question

We have a pair of Blairs phase gray banded kingsnakes and will start a breeding program as soon as our Queen snake is old enough. My wife dearly loves these guys, especially this phase. However, their numbers in the wild are not the best. Her dream is to breed and turn over the off-spring to an organization that will release them back into the wild. Anyone heard of doing this? Or know of such organizations?


I’m sorry that I can’t help you with finding an organization, but thank you for this wonderful thing you are trying to do.


I know from y’all’s area is a ways but the San Antonio zoo does a lot w reintroducing species. Specifically the horned lizards but it can’t hurt to reach out to em. At least they may redirect you to one of the major universities they know of dealing in that species


@arice88 San Antonio isn’t that far really. Just a few hours. Hey this is Texas! Everything is just a few hours away!

Yeah I will have her contact them if/when the time arrives.

Many thanks!


It’s highly unlikely that captive bred animals from hobbyists can be released into the wild. Unless you have lineage, feeding records, housing information, etc. then there is virtually no chance that it’s possible. Even if you have all of the information it’s very unlikely that it would be approved.


That’s pretty much what I told her, but I’m just her husband so I don’t count. :rofl:

I’m still hoping to breed them, just to help out the hobby population if nothing else.

Thanks, Riley.