Another Lumpy Hognose

Wishing you both the best, I was really hoping everything was going to resolve on its own for her. Hopefully it’s something that can be treated easily enough. I’ll be keeping you both in my thoughts.


Hey all, not a good update but an update nonetheless.
Mocha unfortunately passed sometime over the weekend. Her condition was deteriorating rather quickly and I had a gut feeling she was not going to make it.

My partner is going to help me bury her tomorrow, as much as I’d like to get a necropsy done on her I feel it would be more meaningful to bury her. She was one of my first hognoses after all, and the only one thus far I’ve successfully produced babies from.

I do thankfully still have her daughter, Scarlet, who is healthy and should be breeding size in the next several months or so.

Thanks everyone for your support. I appreciate it more than words could describe :heart::people_hugging:


I’m so sorry to hear that.


I am so sorry to hear Mocha has passed, they do tend to decline really quickly. Not getting a necropsy is totally fine, it’s not going to change any outcome. Do what’s most meaningful for you both. I’m glad you’ve got one of her offspring, it’s always nice to have that connection still there.

Take care of yourself, you took phenomenal care of her until the end. :blue_heart: :people_hugging:


Aw man! I am so sorry to hear this news! :sleepy: I am so glad you and your partner are going to give her the dignified burial that her little body deserves. What a tribute to her life and to what she meant to you.

God bless you Holly. Grieve for her and then celebrate her daughter! :people_hugging: :heart::pray: