Any info on ID?

Was told she’s a Woma but starting to second guess myself. I’m not upset but starting think she’s just a normal with Woma label.


Looks clean and banded like a woma to me. Some womas are really banded and even have joined side pattern near the bottom, but some are just not as heavily banded, like yours. I could be wrong, I don’t have that morph personally-but I am saying woma

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Can you take photos not holding the snake? It’s much easier to identify morphs when a whole body is visible. And include headstamp

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These are both without flash

These are both with flash.


I’m leaning more towards HGW but @saleengrinch might be better at the difference of woma and hgw. He says that hgw has more blushing where the woma tends to reduce pattern more.


Color is a bit off from the hgw I’m used to seeing but I would agree @steelserpents with hgw id personally.

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Interesting! Thank you. I’ll be pairing here with a firefly whenever she’s ready/grams needed. Only time will tell what she throws out as well.

Pairing to lesser would be the fastest way to know if it’s hgw you would get soul suckers.