Any one know what morph this is

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Will need some additional info; otherwise it’s just purely guessing. What were the parents genetics? Also some pics of it on a solid back ground with natural lighting after its shed would be perfect to help as well


Parents butter enchi and a pewter lesser cheers

Can we see the parents?

1000% Enchi at a minimum


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Post shed photos with natural lighting will also help with identification. I’m leaning towards lesser/butter Enchi.

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I think it is an enchi lesser. pretty standard coloring but I see both patterns with a little lightness from the lesser. could be butter, but my money would be on lesser.

Yep sheded now cheers

Lesser pastel I think

I think you’ve uploaded the wrong picture, or are you asking about a different snake? Because that doesn’t appear to be the same snake in the original post, shed or not.

Different snake