Anybody have any sources to BP breeding complete guide?

I have known how to breed for awhile but I feel unconfident and slightly nervous that I will fail. I don’t have any snakes ready to breed but I want to know as much as I can so I don’t make major mistakes. If anybody has any articles or videos that have a lot of info, please let me know. Thank you to everyone that helps!


Besides the Markus Jayne breeding pictorial, there really isn’t much else to know. That said, there isn’t a whole lot to fail at. If you aren’t ultrasounding your females, you can palpate them. When you feel follicles that are between the size of a marble and a ping pong ball, you pair them with the appropriate male. If you can’t do either, then just start pairing about late October to early November. 3 days together and then separate. Do that once a shed cycle until she either ovulates or goes back on feed. Keep her well fed and your husbandry stable. Watch for an ovulation, then a prelay shed, then eggs. When she lays eggs put them in a egg tub setup of your preference and an incubator, and keep the environment stable.

Remember that the only thing we really do is keep the animal well fed and keep proper husbandry. Beyond that, there is no guarantee they will breed or that the breeding will result in eggs. On the flip side of that, these animals have managed to breed without man’s intervention for millions of years. All we are really trying to do is minimize risk variables and give each egg the best chance possible to hatch. Everything else is out of our hands so don’t sweat it so much. It should be fun. Best of luck


Thanks, I really appreciate it. I feel like I’ll do everything right but there’s this nagging in the back of my head that I will mess up. fingers crossed everything goes well once I start

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This is the most comprehensive guide that’s distilled down to just what you need to know to and nothing extra.


Wow, Thank you! I’ve read over it and it is super helpful and clear. Tysm. :snake: :star_struck:


My favorite it the breeding pictorial created by Markus Jayne.