Anyone else having a super late year?

This year has been crazy for me, just had Clutch 17 drop this morning. I was looking back at fb memories and i was hatching clutch 14 out last year at this time. This year i have only had 1 clutch hatch The numbers still look to be on par with last year just three months late. What are your thoughts on this, i have had zero changes to the room, same everything. Maybe a lighter winter for here is all i can think of Let me know what you think


I’m having a late year myself. My Spider Het Pied girl already laid May 19th two years ago. This season she literally just had her pre-lay shed on the 20th. She is about a month behind for me. My other females I bred this year are a spotnose , and a pastel blade het clown girl. The spotnose girl should lay any day now. The weather here is Jersey this winter was I’d say milder really no snow this year. I started pairing them the same time I always do (Halloween) night. My room is heated in the winter I keep them in. Guessing just a odd year. I’ve seen tons of people on FB posting clutch pictures, and I’m here looking at my girls like pleasseee lay lol.

My girls went late last year, I expected a few of them to be late this year but not all of them. I’m still waiting on eggs.

I am running about 2 months behind this year, I usually start having eggs in February every year well except this one.

Also late, only one clutch laid so far - usually majority laid by now.

My ball pythons have been laying later than they did last year, but my rosy boa looks like she’s going early.