Anyone else keep Honduran Milks?

I bought a collection last month that included some Extreme Hypo, Tangerine, Aberrant, and Vanishing Pattern Honduran Milks.

It also included a substantial California Kingsnake breeding group, but this is my Favorite of the clutch.

Pictured is a Hypo Vanishing Pattern male.


I think they are supposed to be the largest of the milk snake breeds? That one is the picture is gorgeous! The only milk I have is a New Mexico.

How is its demeanor? Does it musk or pee or poop on you when you pick it up?


He’s really cool looking. I have an albino het anery female that I’m going to get an anery het albino male for.


Why does it feel like everyone is trying to convince me that I need more and more snakes lol :joy:


Because you know that you do need more snakes. :rofl:


I don’t know how many snakes you have but I do know that you need more! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I have 6 right now lol :joy:. But plan for 25-30 adult boas, and the corns are addictive because of the leakyness :rofl:.


Ok Riley you win! Would that I had the room! We do have an extra bedroom but my husband divorce me if I expanded into there! But I am of the opinion that I have enough! I’m so excited for you and your plans! I believe you will be blessed! :pray::clap:

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You haven’t even kept hognoses yet, their personality is amazing, and they are very addicting. My yeti will turn into a pancake and hiss until I pick him up and then he is super calm. :rofl: