Anyone help identify possible morph of new gecko

My fiancé just got me this beauty. I haven’t seen one like this in person and was wondering if anyone could tell me what possible morph it might be. My fiancé got him from Petco (we normally don’t get animals from pet stores like this, but he couldn’t pass up this coloring), so we don’t know anything about parents.


Awwwwwww! What a cutie! Someone will probably pop up with some answers for you because I am not morph savvy. I just relish in the cutest overload! Lol! :lizard::blush:


To me it looks like a hypo, but the colors and patterns are going to change with age, so its morph might not stay the same. I love the tail pattern on it.


I would lean towards the side of ‘nice normal’ until the little on grows a bit and isn’t as stressed. The colors should brighten up more once they’ve settled in.

If the colors do come in brighter and there’s 6-15 or so spots on the back, then I agree with Erie on the hypo. It’s all just waiting to see how they grow.