Anyone here got cassandra? BallPython

hi. maybe some of you produced cassandra? Special x Mocha?
and if possible to comment photo?
here’s my breeding this season
Mocha x Phantom = leche’s


You will need to let them come out of the egg before IDs can be certain but it looks like you hit two of the heteroallelics


hi. good day. yeps those 2 confirmed hit as i only paired single to single.
just wanna see if there’s anyone bred special x mocha as i only saw 1 photo of it thru wobp. :sweat_smile:

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I did about 3 or 4 years ago but I’m having a hard time finding pictures lol. They are patterned similar to mystic/phantom special. There coloration is more of a yellowish as opposed to grayish lol. I do have plenty of pictures of special mojave and special mystic but that’s not really helping you lol. I still currently work with mocha and special and find them to be far more interesting bel genes! I prefer colored patterned bels! Although super mocha is a super white bel lol.

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wanna try cassandra, just wanna have some photo references as i having hardtime even in market no one selling, or maybe haven’t try combos lol. here in phils no one using mocha, so for this project of mine. i’m the only one got.
plus lucky as this male is het pied so hoping for possible het / incomplete dominance :heart_eyes:
thanks for the help.
incase found please drop here photos. will be in so much help.