Anyone recognize this rack? Opinions?

Hi everyone, this rack is available locally at a reasonable price compared to BP racks. The owner is not a reptile person though, and doesn’t know much about it.

Anyone recognize what it is?

Can I get heat strips under the bins?

They are 20"x20" bins. so a little bigger than a 28qt tub, but well smaller than a 41qt.

Worth looking at??

The seller provided a bit of info:

  • This is made by Hazelton
  • It was from the University of FL lab agricultural lab surplus auction

I can’t find much on the internet about Hazelton, and certainly nothing on this specific rack. Anyone have institutional experience and recognize this?


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The only thing I can find is the rabbit style. However, since they were used in a laboratory setting my guess is they were used to house mammals of some sort (dogs/cats/mice/rabbits/primates are what are typically used in labs). I personally wouldn’t use anything stainless steel for reptiles. metal is going to be unpredictable for heating as metal is a conductor of heat.


Looks a lot like some of the lab rodent racks I’ve considered purchasing over the years. Don’t think it’d work well for reptiles, but for breeding feeders it would likely work quite nicely. If you can get photos of the interior, and the areas the bins slide into it would give a better answer to what it is used for and if it would be something you want to pick up.

Yeah, that’s good insight. Especially if they soil the enclosure. Liquids further conduct heat/cold.

Thank you.

Anyone see an opportunity here that I am missing?

The owner purchased it to breed mice, but she says the mice are small enough to escape. I don’t believe it was designed for reptiles at all. Just seeing if it would make sense to try to convert it. I think the metal bin design is probably a deal breaker as far as temp control goes. Maybe not?

Unless you can REALLY modify that, insulate the heck out of it or keep it in a room that’s in the 80s, I would not use that for reptiles; much less, snakes.


It honestly looks like it was built for chickens.

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It is definitely some type of lab animal rack, could be rabbit or rat or guinea pig or something like that.

Not sure it would be good for a retrofit for snakes, most of the lab ones are not build with their unique anatomy in mind


I passed on it, and eventually have landed an ARS5040. Thanks everyone!

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