Anyone seen this genetic combo before?

So the pairing was a vanilla pastel male to a calico female and this is a female baby that came out. She still hasn’t shed but she has a faint yellow stripe along the spine only and the sides are only off white.
For sure a vanilla pastel calico but maybe something else?


Just looks like a pastel vanilla calico with a nice dorsal stripe and high white sides. The “off white” will eventually be white when she matures, as white in baby snakes tends to be almost see-through and fleshy colored. This combo tends to kinda “melt” the pattern on the snake, which is why it can sometimes look like there are more genes at play even though there isn’t.

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That lil’ boy, or girl is going to look smoking in about a week once it sheds out!! Be sure to post again when that happens.

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Yeah I was just really surprised to see the sides completely white. Its a female. Still hasn’t shed out yet but will for sure post more pics when she does.

Here is our Mojave Enchi Vanilla Black Pastel Female we hatched before her. She is unreal.

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