Archived thread replies [1869] [FIXED]

Love the new messaging system, however, any chance it would be an easy change to have a new message to an Archived thread go to the Inbox? I’m trying to keep the Inbox clean and current, but have customers that often reply on a thread months later to ask what I’ve got cooking. Right now it goes to the Archive and is very easy to miss.


That is how it is suppose to work so that is a bug, I will make a ticket, thanks.


@redridgereptiles a bug was found and fixed here but it pertained to users without a store. So unless you were using a second account I’m not sure that this addressed your problem. But please let me know if you see it happening again.

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Thanks for looking @john. No second account here, but sounds good to close for now. I’ll be sure to capture it in more detail if I see it happen again. Thanks!