Arroyo Red Stripe

Just showing these bad boys, well girls and one boy :rofl:, off everywhere lol. My hold back Arroyo Red Stripes. Also 50% het Clown. Really couldnt be happier with the way they came out. Whats everyone think??

I had forgotten I believe logos are not allowed on photos correct? Changed to a photo with no logo. Sorry for the mix up.


Those look so good out of their first shed! Such an exciting project that I’m glad to see someone working on.

Can’t wait to see what these produce too. I have been wondering if there’s a chance that arroyo/RS could be allelic. At first based on how they look similar, and now how these really look like “supers.”

Maybe merge this to the previous post to keep it all in one place? Arroyo Redstripe World First

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Those are gorgeous. Red Stripe and Arroyo really have my head turned, nice holdbacks.
Definitely keep us informed as they grow, I’m really interested to see how those look with some size on them.

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